Director´s Cut

The Director’s Cut Film Presentation is a fascinating multimedia event that accompanies a carefully edited version of the groundbreaking film, The Original Image of Divine Mercy. The Director’s Cut has been experienced by thousands in venues across the globe to rave reviews. This reasonably-priced special event features a fascinating presentation by the director of the documentary, Daniel diSilva. The director travels internationally with a Gallery of Divine Mercy Artifacts and a life-size replica-relic of the massive, once-lost masterpiece by Eugeniuzs Kazimirowski, the only painting of Divine Mercy that St. Faustina ever saw in her lifetime. To request more info, please fill out the Inquiry Form below.



This special live presentation by the director covers details about the history of the Original Image of Divine Mercy not included in the documentary, and an expert demonstration of the indispensable details carefully given by St. Faustina to the artist, Euginiuzs Kazimiroski, about her vision. The director explains how the exquisite “Faustinian Details” make this painting the most accurate depiction St Faustina’s vision in world. This powerful event can be fully given in English or in Spanish and also includes a one-year Public Screening License, a copy of the film on DVD, and a 12”x18” exact replica of the Original Image of Divine Mercy for your organization.


The presentation is followed by an always-engaging Q & A discussion with the audience. This is a wonderful experience for large and intimate audiences alike.


Proceeds from the licensing of this film go to foster the development of pilgrimage facilities for the Divine Mercy Shrine in Vilnius, Lithuania – the permanent home of the Original Image of Divine Mercy.


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